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My name is Geoff. I want to Save Canada. This summer I'm on a mission to travel across North America. I'll be stopping along the way and want to talk to you. If you see me, come by and say hello!


I believe our countries are failing and the best way to save Canada, the United States (and the world) is with the people of Canada and the United States working together. What does freedom mean to you?

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We're in this together


As America leads, the world will follow. The only option is for our citizens to stand together against tyranny.

What's wrong with Canada


"Canada will be the worlds first post-national state" - Justin Trudeau 2015.  The culture war, failing schools & healthcare, mass immigration, economically destructive policies, all stem from the same root: Global governance has infected every level of our society and government. Since 1994, Canadian cities have been unwittingly following direction from global organizations under the guise of sustainable development. Voting in a new federal political party will not stop this. To Save Canada you must first take back your cities. Whether you agree with climate change or not isn't the issue - The issue is whether or not your city is accountable to you, the voter, or to an international un-elected world government.


Canadian Political Prisoners


Is Canada a country of rules and laws, or a tinpot dictatorship? Tony, Jerry, Chris and Chris have been held without trial or bail hearings for 500 days. Let them stand before the court and be judged on the evidence.  Justice must be restored to save Canada.

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No Trial, No Bail

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Why Canada matters

  • At over 5500 miles long, the US and Canada share the worlds longest undefended border

  • Canada provides key support for northern defense in NORAD

  • Canada supplies over 60% of US crude oil imports, its heavy crude is important for US refineries feed stock

  • Tied with Mexico and China, Canada is the USs #1 trading partner supplying energy, raw materials, food, machinery, and vehicles

  • Canada holds 7% of the worlds renewable fresh water supply


Can America afford to have a hostile nation to the North?

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If you only do one thing


Watch the Great Awakening and share it with your friends and family.



The International Health Regulations (IHR), and the new Pandemic Treaty threaten national sovereignty. These proposals taken together will give dictatorial powers to un-elected bureaucrats to bypass democracy and rule of law in your country when the WHO declares the next emergency.

Your silence is consent.

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