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Honk if you see this truck!


My name is Geoff. I want to Save Canada. This truck has travelled across half of North America on a mission to connect with freedom loving people from the US and Canada. I believe our countries are failing and the best way to save Canada, the United States (and the world) is with the people of Canada and the United States working together. What does freedom mean to you?

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Jan 24, 2024 - Federal judge rules in favour of the convoy. In order to declare a public order emergency, the Emergencies Act requires that there be "an emergency that arises from threats to the security of Canada that are so serious as to be a national emergency." The Act defers to CSIS's definition of "threats to the security of Canada." Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley said the situation created by the protests did not meet that threshold.

The verdict is in


On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) released the final report of its months-long investigation into Canada’s response to COVID-19.

What's wrong with Canada


The culture war, failing schools & healthcare, mass immigration, economically destructive policies, all stem from the same root: Global governance has infected every level of our society and government. Since 1994, Canadian cities have been unwittingly following direction from global organizations under the guise of sustainable development. Top down, one size fits all policies from bureaucrats a world away are being implemented in your cities. These plans aim to radically remake the Canadian economy and society. The issue is not about the environment, its whether your local government is accountable to you, the voter, or to an international organizations you didn't vote for.


Canadian political prisoners


Tony, Jerry, Chris and Chris have been held without trial or bail for 700 days. Let them stand before the court and be judged on the evidence.  Equal and impartial justice must be restored to save Canada.

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No Trial, No Bail

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The International Health Regulations (IHR), and the new Pandemic Treaty threaten national sovereignty. These proposals taken together could give dictatorial powers to un-elected bureaucrats to bypass democracy and rule of law in your country if the WHO declares another emergency.

Your silence is consent.

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