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About Me



I'm Geoff:  father, freedom fighter and Canadian. I've travelled around the world more times than I can count, and I feel so lucky to be a Canadian. This is truly one of the best countries in the world.


During the COVID lockdowns my life was flipped upside down - What were minor inconveniences for some became destructive life altering consequences for my family. Thankfully, things have gotten better and I am blessed to have the time to do this.

I never thought I would be driving around in a truck flying flags. This is a big change for me. While putting myself forward to be judged by the public is a bit scary, the decision to do something was easy to make.

I've been drawn to do this with an energy and conviction I cannot explain. The result is unknown, the path is unclear, but I know I'm supposed to do this. I pray this effort will give hope to others and help guide both of our countries to restore the inalienable freedoms bestowed upon each man, woman and child by GOD which no government can ever take away.

For God, my children, my family, my country.

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