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Freedom Convoy


Sparked by Justin Trudeaus government mandating covid shots for truckers, the Freedom Convoy started and quickly grew into an outpouring of support and patriotism in Canada that was heard around the world. Offshoots of this convoy lead to the weeks long peaceful protests ins Ottawa and the temporary blockade of 3 border crossings with the United States. The protest was eventually crushed when Justin Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act (emergencies Act) and took extraordinary steps to remove the peaceful protestors. This included cancelling bank accounts and financial products of Canadians without a warrant or due process in the courts. Notably, a GoFundMe campaign had raised over 10 million dollars from Canadians to support the convoy which was then cancelled by GoFundme. Many Canadians are still facing legal battles as a result of the protest, including several men from Alberta who are being held as political prisoners.

National Citizens Inquiry

A truly democratic reaction to unprecedented times in Canada, the NCI was started as a response to the lack of government accountability into the covid lockdowns. Sponsored by Preston Manning, funded by the public, and staffed by volunteers the NCI conducted 8 hearings across Canada. It has produced sworn testimonies from over 325 witnesses including 94 experts and is still being largely ignored by the Canadian Media.

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