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Political Prisoners



No Bail, No Trial

The Coutts 4


As of July 2023, the Coutts boys have been in jail for over 500 days without trial in a mockery of the justice system, and a gross dereliction of duty by the Alberta Justice Minister. They were arrested on charges relating to the Coutts border blockade as part of the 2022 Freedom Convoy Protest. Tony, Jerry, Chris and Chris are being denied justice for political purposes.

For an expert overview of the situation please refer to former Toronto Police Sergeant (Detective) Donald Best and his take on the situation:

You can read the latest here:
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The Coutts arrests were used as the impetus for the Invocation of the Emergencies Act when Justin Trudeau declared the equivalent of martial law to crush the 2022 Freedom Convoy Protests.  There is indication of prosecutorial misconduct. This is an important case for these men, and indeed all Canadians.

Watch this video with Viva Frei and Jason Lavigne explaining the context and details and why the Coutts case is important to the entire Public Order Emergency Commission investigation (July 21, 2023)

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